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Meet Amanda!

"Our society teaches us to feed our bodies for a number.

But what if feeding our bodies meant focusing on a feeling instead?"

- Amanda Kozimor-Perrin 

Hello there! I'm Amanda Perrin and welcome to Purely This site is filled to the brim with some of my best findings, recipes, research and products to keep YOU healthy;

body, mind and spirit!

Born and raised in New Mexico, I am a southwestern girl at heart ( occasional y’all might slip out from time to time. Apologies in advance!) In 2004, I migrated to Texas for college, where I began my passionate journey into the heart of nutrition. A few years later, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Nutritional Science and my Master's Degree in Nutrition. Shortly thereafter, I became

a Registered Dietitian and began to notice that many of my clients needed an extra boost of help implementing the knowledge they had just gained from a session. This unique need for one-on-one personal counseling has spurred me on to develop resources, recipes and an interactive website made just for YOU; simple, easy and effective ways to give your body the nutrition it needs to live a happy and healthy life!  


Being an adult certainly has its challenges, but thankfully, I've had a few easy decisions come my way; one of which was marrying my best friend Kyle. Three months after we got hitched in the deep south, we packed up our lives and puppies (Corey and Topanga) and moved to Los Angeles

to make Kyle’s dreams of becoming a full-time musician a reality. So now, we are California-living!


Since then we have had a baby, Ellis, and life has completely changed - in a good way! Having a baby has really made me focus in, even more, on the foods I am providing him and why. I want to create a healthy relationship with food for him, me, and Kyle. I have focused more on functional nutrition, mindful eating, and infant nutrition. So, that's a lot of what you will be seeing on the blog and how I approach nutrition in general. We, as a family, love LA, and I'm thankful for my clients, our community and for the ability to connect with you!

I would love for you all to stay connected with me! Follow along on 

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Masters of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Tech University.

Thesis Project: Effects of Dietary Fatty Acid Composition From a High Fat Meal on Postprandial Satiety.

Bachelors of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Texas Tech University.

Minor: Restaurant Hotel & Institutional Management







Dietetic Internship completed at Texas State University.


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