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BEETS. They are everywhere here in LA. Every restaurant has some kind of a beet salad. It could be beets with mozzarella and drizzled with balsamic, to salad with with beets, walnuts, apples, and goat cheese. Everyone has their version and it is apparent that it is a staple here. LA is definitely onto something. Beets are a really nutrient dense food. It contains potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene, and folate (just to name a few). All are vitamins and minerals essential for our bodies to function well. When I go out to eat with Kyle, I seem to always lean towards one of these salads. I feel like I am slowly becoming a character in the cartoon DOUG, or Dwight from The Office.

After writing the last post I wanted to begin sharing some of the recipes that I have been experimenting with. I always want to be a person that practices what she preaches. With Kyle being gone so much, I have definitely not been the most shining example of health, and definitely not a shining example of a dietitian. Now that he is home, I am trying my hardest to be intentional on how we are eating, and pushing both of us to eat for our health. If any of you know Kyle, then you know how hard this battle is for me – prayers are appreciated!

Here is a my goto beet recipe. I used farro instead of quinoa because – per my friend Rachel – “Farro is totally the new quinoa”. I just love her. Also, fresh sliced apples would go really well in this – I just didn’t have any on hand. So, please enjoy!

This was our first try with farro and it was great. Kyle even liked it, Praise Jesus! His assessment: “not as good ‘texture-wise’ as quinoa, but with pesto it is pretty great”. He still hasn’t tried beets, but maybe one day soon I can convince him. It has been a crazy few days in the Perrin household, so unfortunately I was not able to do the other recipe I been hoping to try. I plan on doing it soon though because Kyle is leaving me again. So, what that means for me, is lots of time to try out new recipes and share them with y’all! Woohoo.

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