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April’s yoga pose was huge for me. If you remember in the goals post I said how much I hate crow pose so, obviously that was my first challenge. I wanted to push myself into trying a pose that I didn’t like. I really despised the pose because I couldn’t and didn’t know how to do it. I did some research and had a FaceTime date with my friend Jalie (who’s pregnant and still doing and teaching yoga! She is pretty much amazing) and discovered that I actually LOVE this pose. It is so funny how you can manipulate your mind into hating something just because you aren’t good at it. I can currently hold this pose for 5 breathes at a time, and even when I have two puppies or a Kyle trying to mess with me. I am pretty proud of myself! Just imagine all the things I could do if my brain and pride wouldn’t get in the way. For now I am going to stick to using that on yoga and hope that one day it will spill into the rest of my life.

April’s Pose: Crow

I still have a lot of practice to do with this pose. I want to be able to get my toes higher and my arms straighter, but right now I am happy with my progress and love that I am getting stronger and am able to do this.

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